Writer's Block

Something that every writer, every artist has to deal with is writer’s block, or a block of inspiration.  Often, we view these temporary barriers as insurmountable mountains.  But in reality, they are the moment before inspiration strikes, the calm before the storm.  John Muir once said, “The power of imagination makes us infinite.”  Our minds are constantly turning, we are never truly blocked.  What we need to realize is that creativity is a process, and that processes take time.The best thing to do when we reach these impasses is to continue to work right through them.  When I hit a writer’s block, I keep writing, even if the narrative makes no sense or isn’t interconnected.  If you keep writing, you can cut out the unnecessary parts later, and edit once inspiration hits.  If you’re typing on a computer, try writing on paper with a pen.  Stopping completely doesn’t allow the creative process to take place.  Listening to soothing music is also a great way to help get your brain flowing.  Engaging your other senses can sometimes stimulate your thoughts.

Next time you hit a writer’s block and think that you can’t write any more, add one more sentence.  You never know-- that could be the sentence that gets your creative juices flowing!