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Cartooning & Animation Summer Camp

  • Chuck Jones Center for Creativtiy 3321 Hyland Avenue Costa Mesa United States (map)

Chuck Jones’ enthusiasm and desire to do new, wild and imaginative things allowed him to create unusual characters with his irreverent humor and groundbreaking techniques. During this two week summer camp program, we explore Chuck’s genius creative process through drawing, painting, story building and stop motion filming.

This Animation Summer Camp is sure to nurture the imagination of young filmmakers. Unique characters created by students will be brought to life through stop motion. We guide them through every step of the process: shape building, shape language, range of expressions, character grouping, contrasting characters, cel animation, story arc, storyboard, figure posing, staging a scene, sequential filming, sound and titling. Throughout this camp, students will delight in various cartoon film clips along with Chuck Jones interviews and tutorials.

Day 1: Shape Building Drawing Techniques & Character Development

  • Shape Building: students learn how to combine shapes to create Chuck’s characters: Bugs Bunny, Daffy, Marvin Martian and White Seal.

  • Shape language: an introduction through drawing exercises that explore how shapes affect character personality.

  • Range of Expressions: drawing emotion to give your character expressions.

  • Character Grouping: create a cohesive group of characters based on theme.

  • Contrasting Characters: create a cohesive group of characters based on contrast.

  • Unique Character: students create their own character.

Day 2: A Historical Glimpse into Animation and Yes Session

  • Film Screening: various clips from Chuck Jones interviews and tutorials.

  • Cel Animation: step one, character painted onto clear acetate.

  • Cel Animation: step two, background painted on paper.

  • Film Screening: various clips from Chuck’s Animation features.

  • Story Arc: formulas and techniques for building compelling stories.

  • Storyboard: create visual narration of the group’s combined characters.

Day 3: Putting it into Motion and Creating Environment

  • Flip books: segments of storyboard are drawn onto flip books.

  • Figure Posing: articulation of characters for poses and interaction during filming.

  • Staging a Scene: painting of background, foreground and prop elements for filming.

Day 4: Filming

  • Sequential filming: introduction to stop motion application on iPad.

Day 5: Making Noise and Presentation

  • Sound: adding narration and Foley sound effects to stop motion.

  • Finale: titling, presentation and YouTube

August 5-9th, 9am - 1pm Monday through Friday

Ages 8-15 (no experience necessary)

$225 (20 learning hours and all materials included)

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Contact Cyndi Burgess, Program Manager, with questions or to enroll. or 949-660-7793.