Ralph Wolf


"Ralph Wolf was a storyman at Warner Bros. cartoons, and he gave his name to the red-nosed version of Wile E. Coyote. 

"In pitting Ralph Wolf against Sam Sheepdog, I was trying to discover if I could do the opposite of the chase at the heart of the Road Runner cartoons. The Road Runner is moving all the time, and at great speed. I therefore wanted the wolf's opponent not to move at all. And that is exactly what happens--or doesn't. Sam just sits very solidly on the ground. He doesn't move: he is there." --Chuck Jones, "Chuck Reducks" 1996

Ralph Wolf appears in:

  • Don't Give Up the Sheep
  • Sheep Ahoy
  • Double or Mutton
  • Steal Wool
  • Ready, Woolen and Able
  • A Sheep in the Deep