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Red Dot Auction IX Kaboom!

The ninth annual Red Dot Auction on Friday, May 17th was a grand success! Hundreds of supporters of the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity showed their love for its mission by participating in the silent auction, buying boatloads of raffle tickets, and winning great live auction prizes! We’re thrilled to report that all 175 original works of art in the silent auction found homes!

Board members, volunteers, and the part-time staff of the Center made this year’s Red Dot Auction a night to remember. Chuck Jones’s legacy lives on not only in family members, but also through the work of the Center as it nurtures and guides the creative genius that resides in school-age children, seniors, and those on the autism spectrum. Monies raised will benefit the programs of the Center.

Of course, our sponsors helped make this a truly great evening with their monetary and in-kind support. Many thank you’s to Spellbound, Inc., Troutman & Sanders, Michael Arrache—CPA, Barley Forge Brewing Company, Kezz Skate, and Dick Randles. Special thanks to the official hotel of the Red Dot Auction, Avenue of the Arts Hotel in Costa Mesa.

Below is a selection of photos from the event. The entire album of photos will be available at Facebook.com/ChuckJonesCenter. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram.com/ChuckJonesCenter.

Photos by Stephen Russo. All links open in new windows.

Red Dot Auction

REd Dot Auction FAQs

  1. What day and time is it? The “Main Event” is from 7 to 10 PM on Friday, May 17. There is a Private Preview from 5:30 PM to 7 PM.

  2. How much are tickets? $25 per for the Main Event and $100 per for the Private Preview.

  3. Where is it? The Chuck Jones Center for Creativity, 3321 Hyland Avenue, Costa Mesa. Located in South Coast Collection (SoCo) on the Sunflower Street side of the mall.

  4. Where do I park? Parking is free at and around the Center in SoCo’s parking lots.

  5. What do I wear? Cocktail attire is suggested.

  6. Is there a bar? For the Main Event there will be a cash bar serving Beer, Wine ($5 per), Soda pop ($2) and water (free) is available. Private Preview attendees will enjoy an open bar throughout the night.

  7. Will there be food? At the Main Event, a “Mashed Potato” bar will be available shortly after 7 PM. Hand-passed hors d’oeuvres will be served during the Private Preview.

  8. How do I use my Red Dots? Each bidder receives two Red Dots. You may use your Red Dot (Buy It Now) IF the artwork has not been bid above the Red Dot amount. By using your Red Dot, where available, you agree to pay the Red Dot amount for that work of art. There are works with Red Dot values of either $350, $500, and $2000. The Red Dot amounts are clearly noted on the bid sheet for each work of art.

  9. When will the silent auction sections close? There are 5 sections this year. Section 1 will close around 8 PM. Section 2 will close 10 minutes later, each additional section will close 10 minutes after its preceding one.

  10. When will the raffles close? The five raffle prizes will be called after all of the Sections of the Silent Auction have closed.

  11. Is there a Live Auction? Yes, a live auction will follow the calling of the Raffle prizes. The Live Auction items will be described in your program for the evening and by the auctioneer before bidding begins.


Preparations are underway for the Ninth Annual Red Dot Auction benefiting the programs of the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity, a 501(c)3 public charity, scheduled for Friday, May 17, 2019 from 7 to 10 PM. A special Preview hour is planned for 5:30 to 7 PM.

We interrupt this message to let you know that online pre-bidding has opened! Go to RedDotAuction.org, register to bid (and buy tickets), then peruse the CATALOG and place your pre-bids. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

The Red Dot Auction is a unique silent auction fundraiser where over 150 artists from around the world have donated a 12” square work of art “anonymously” (each work is hand-signed on the reverse.) Attendees are bidding because they love a work of art, not because of who created it (although some savvy collectors may recognize a particular artist’s style.) Who knows, you may end up going home with a work by the next Picasso!

“The artists who are participating come from all levels of notoriety, skill, and accomplishment, from students to emerging to established artists; we reach out around the world hoping to capture the imagination and appreciation of these artists. We are thankful that they were willing to help us achieve our goal of promoting creativity by providing a nurturing environment where it may grow and blossom,” said Craig Kausen, Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Center.

The very first Red Dot Auction, May 14, 2011 at the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity on Chapman just west of the Plaza in Orange. Forty artists contributed and each work found a home that night.

The very first Red Dot Auction, May 14, 2011 at the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity on Chapman just west of the Plaza in Orange. Forty artists contributed and each work found a home that night.



The Chuck Jones Center for Creativity

The Chuck Jones Center for Creativity is a gymnasium for the creative brain.

We guide our students, both young and young of heart, with experiences that nurture the creative genius that exists in all of us. We connect both left and right sides of the brain in exercising creativity to solve problems, foster innovation and build mental health.

We build important skills for school age children, support healthy cognitive abilities for seniors, increase work performance in organizations who see the value of pumping up creativity in their ranks and enhance function for children and young adults on the autism spectrum.

Red Dot Auction IV. Over 350 supporters of the Center’s mission attended in 2014. Photo by Stephen Russo.

Red Dot Auction IV. Over 350 supporters of the Center’s mission attended in 2014. Photo by Stephen Russo.

Support the Center by attending

Tickets for the Main Event on Friday, May 17 from 7 to 10 PM are just $25. If you’d like to attend the private Preview hour, 5:30 to 7 PM, where you may use your Red Dots in advance, tickets are $100. Click here to order your tickets today.

How does the Red Dot Auction work? The art is donated ‘anonymously’, meaning that the artist has signed their work of art on the reverse. The names of the participating artists will be found throughout the auction website and on the walls of each section the night of the event. Each work of art will have the artist’s bio and photo attached to the back of the artwork. Although there is no limit to the size of the artwork, for the most part, artists work on a 12” square canvas or similar substrate.

This is a silent auction with pre-bidding beginning online mid-April and ending on Wednesday, May 15, 2019. Live bidding on the artwork will resume on Friday, May 17, 2019 at 6 PM. Bidding begins at $50 for every work of art exclusive of the art featured on the Wile E. Coyote Big E. Wall, where bidding begins at $250.

With your ticket purchase you will receive two Red Dots. If a work of art you are interested in is not bid over the Red Dot amount, then you may use your Red Dot (according to the Red Dot value noted on the bid sheet). By using your Red Dot, you agree to pay that amount for the work of art. No one may bid above your Red Dot amount.

Artist and Center Community Ambassador, Annette Lily, with her donated work of art at Red Dot Auction VIII, May 2018. Photo by Stephen Russo.

Artist and Center Community Ambassador, Annette Lily, with her donated work of art at Red Dot Auction VIII, May 2018. Photo by Stephen Russo.

Support the Center by donating a work of art

The call for artists is now open! Click here to go to the artist submission form. To be included in the online pre-bidding, and a candidate for inclusion in the Red Dot IX commemorative poster, the deadline for receipt of your work of art is Wednesday, March 27, 2019.

With your submission form completed, we will either mail your 12” square canvas to you (if you live outside of Orange County, but within the United States) or ask that you pick it up. Orange County residents please pick up your canvas Monday - Friday, 10AM - 3PM at the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity, 3321 Hyland Ave., Ste. A, in the SoCo shopping center, Costa Mesa. On the weekend between 11AM - 5PM at the Chuck Jones Gallery, 3313 Hyland Ave. in the OC Mix building at SoCo, Costa Mesa. International artists, please go to the submission form for more details regarding your choice of substrate.

There is no theme this year, so let your imagination run wild! If you do use the Looney Tunes characters made famous by Chuck Jones, please remember that use of the Looney Tunes characters does not convey the right to you to produce multiples. Looney Tunes characters, names, and all related indicia are TM & © Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. 2019.

Contributing artists

Chuck Jones, Linda Jones Clough, Denise Dion-Scoyni, Craig Kausen, Robert Patrick, Cyndi Burgess, Jeff Sornig, Ben OlsonJennifer Llewellyn, Robin Miller, Jay Stone, Tracy Oshiro, Dov Friedman, Suzanne Geiger, Margaret Spurlock, Cheri Ong, Gisela Vergara (aka Maku Fufu), Jerry T-Wack, Madison Shafer, Dan Bowden, Steve Gamba, Anna Vanover, Dave Avanzino, Eric Calande, Adam Martinez, Carolyn Le, Erica McCay, Daniel Jaimes, Charles Perkins, Hillary Miller, Cesilia Ochoa Garcia, Andrea SalisburyMiguel de LeonJeremy Holden, Arianna Mattson, Alyse Casciano, Tamara Malave, Katy Price, Sal Lopez, Valerie Kausen, Brandon Dicks, Brenda Salamone, Keith Hall, Kelly Light, Gavin Oglesby, Mike Bilz, Bethany Barton, John Howitt, Luis Salazar, Erika Hutzler, Morley, Jennifer Sleeper, Sharpy, Faith Daniels, Jimm Nawrocki, Jacek Lazuka, Gina Galvin, Alexandra Bower, Jhenne Tyler Beauford, Tim Hodge, David BirdYosun Chang, Brent Amacker, Katie Henderson, Steve Walker,  Amy Sullivan, Missy McGrew, Damiana Walker, Debbie Sleeper, Sarah Black, Nicole Chew, Liz Jones, Lisa Knauss, Frank Dormer, Beth Tripp, Zack Morrissette, Bozena Pieniak, Isabelle Levesque, Danielle Compton, Fernando del Rosario, David Martinez, Ema van Dyk, Tommy Szurgot, Emily Vincent, Alex Parker, Jennifer Roberts, David Braun, Andrea Bird, Hilary Lile, S. Preston, Karolyn Heimes, Jeannine Chanin-Penn, Jamie Gibbons, Eileen Dong, Maegan McKenzie, Mike Bartelmo, Genevieve Lopez, Aaron Holmes, Wayne ToddSteve Bjorkman, Paul Johnson, Juan Muniz, Micah MurrayHannah Kim, Katalina Rohde, Ron FerdinandSusan Clemens, Cleo Bouvier, Joel Detter, Doug Lothers, Thomas Beckett-Maines, Nick Park, Kaleo Sallas, Uttam Grandhi, Joe Welling IV, Maria Reverberi, Misty Lemons, Eva Szilagyi, Rhonda Heintz, Zach Heffelfinger, Daniel Killen, Bill Hinds, Jett Green, Joshua Smith, David Mowder, Destra Wray, Andre Pace, Gracie Lu, Ryan Richards, Silvia Milligan, Bryan Turner, Tristen Roesch-Cole, Eric Orejel, Lee Fairchild, Juan Ramirez, Bill Plympton, Toni Haas, Gigi Lowe, Lauren Biggs, Tommy Szurgot, Naylene Justis, Oscar Ayotzintli, Caroleen Green, Nick TaffarellaKrissta PassananteMaddie Peckenpaugh, Dead Bird, Elliot Shin, Wayne Calco, Mikey Kettinger, Fran Lew, Patrick Carrie, Chocolate Johnson, Josh Hunter -- and more to come!

Our Ambassadors

Meet red dot ix media ambassador melissa northway and dandelionwomen.com!

Melissa Northway is a entrepreneur and business owner with over 25 years of experience helping businesses grow and bring their vision to the public. Working with Fortune 500 Companies, not only in the United States but in Asia, Melissa has a wealth of experience not only in traditional marketing, but as the owner of dandelion women dot com, a successful lifestyle website, she has used her social media expertise  to help businesses market in the 21st Century.

She created Dandelion Women lifestyle site in 2009 and works with ConnectHERMedia as their VP of Sales & Marketing.

Melissa is  a graduate of California State University, Chico where she earned her degrees in both Marketing and Health Science. And also earned her Masters in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport.

As the co-founder of Cycle Against Poverty, a nonprofit that helped raise money for women and children’s UNICEF supported programs in S.E. Asia and her continued work here in the United States  with “Dandelion Women Project Kindness” Melissa has for years used her marketing skills to help bring awareness to others.

Melissa lives with her family in Irvine, California.

Meet red dot ix community ambassador, Candy washington


Candy Washington is an actress, writer, on-camera host, influencer, and the founder, of Actress with Style, a popular lifestyle brand focused on fashion, beauty, entertainment, and travel that's geared toward the active millennial, as well as The Billionaire Blogger Society, where she consults creative professionals on how to create profitable personal brands.

Candy can be seen on The Doctors on CBS as an on-camera talent and social media expert. She’s also the on-camera host for The Beauty Studio. Previously, she was an on-camera host for Disney Style and she has also appeared in the TBS show, Are We There Yet? and in You Rock, Let's Roll, on FUSE.

She's also done extensive script coverage for Emmy award-winning writer and producer Lena Waithe. Additionally, Candy is a V.I.P. Influencer for FOX shows Empire, STAR, Lethal Weapon, and Pitch. She's also partnered with Lionsgate as a social media influencer for their launch and red carpet premiere of Power Rangers.

Two years in a row, Candy has been a panelist during the premiere beauty conference, BlushCon, and her digital series, The Ratchet Pack, was screened during the Indie Night Film Festival. She's also going to be a presenter during The Altitude Summit on personal branding, past keynotes of the conference have included Jessica Alba and Minka Kelly.

Featured and published in Teen Vogue, Refinery29, BuzzFeed, Simply Stylist, Independent Fashion Bloggers, PopSugar, BRINK Magazine, FOX Magazine, The Stream TV, Muses, and more, Candy has solidified herself as a sought-after resource for on-camera talent and lifestyle tips.

Candy graduated from Georgetown University and she also received a scholarship to the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts and has studied at Margie Haber Acting Studio, The BGB Studios, and has privately studied with the esteemed Gary Marks and Saxon Trainor. She can easily play the quirky and boho-chic girl-next-door, the sweet and coquettish ingénue, and the fashion-forward bestie. Visit CandyWashington.com for more information.

Meet red dot ix community ambassador, chris walshe

As an owner, partner, senior executive, and/or adviser, Chris Walshe has spent 25+ years in the Direct Response / Infomercial / Direct-to-Consumer industry, specializing in Marketing and Operations.   Working with traditional Direct Response companies including the $1b+ Guthy-Renker, $1b+ Beachbody etc.; the DTC efforts for Proctor & Gamble, Sanyo, and Sony Pictures- plus a few years in Silicon Valley, and with Venture Capital and Private Equity groups.

A short list of products and categories includes: Entertainment/Educational/Self-Improvement (Tony Robbins, Attacking Anxiety, Hooked on Phonics, Johnny Carson, etc.). $500mm+ in Nutritional Supplements. Fitness (Bowflex & various Workout Machines; P90X, Insanity, Richard Simmons, Pastor Rick Warren’s Daniel Plan, Tae Bo etc.). Skin and Personal Care (Sonicare, Proactive, American Dental Supply, Cindy Crawford, RX International, USA Labs, Invisalign, P&G’s OB women’s brand, etc.).

Most recently Chris has been working on launching a number of new products for his company and working as an Intrepreneur advising other small and large companies on their Direct-to-Consumer strategies.

 Chris has been a speaker at various offline and online focused conferences and has authored and co-authored 50+ published articles. 

Chris is a graduate of the University of Southern California with an Interdisciplinary Studies degree in Business Entrepreneurship and Exercise Science; where he worked in the Sports Medicine department and was President of the Entrepreneur Association.  He currently resides in North Tustin with his wife, high school age son and junior high aged daughter.  Chris has been active coaching boys and girls youth sports, is actively involved in his local church, and volunteers weekly both as an Ambassador of Compassion at Valley High School in Santa Ana, and at the Orange County Rescue Mission. 

For information about Sponsorships, please contact Robert Patrick at 949-386-7504 or Robert@ChuckJonesCenter.org