Charlie Dog


One of Chuck Jones’ most brazen creations, Charlie is the most obnoxious salesman on four legs. He believes that everybody needs a dog to call their own, and he tackles all sorts of schemes to find a home. Charlie stars in Little Orphan Airedale, Awful Orphan, Often an Orphan, Dog-Gone South and A Hound for Trouble. A classic line is when he claims to be 50% Boxer, 50% Setter, 50% Spitz, 50% Retriever…

"I rescued Charlie from the Warner Bros. character pound, where he had been abandoned. He had appeared in Bob Clampett's Porky's Pooch (1941), but he had grown into a different dog by the time he appeared in my pictures... Charlie Dog is one of my favorite characters. I don't understand him, but I do like him. He is so unquestionably a dog.

Charlie is merely trying to find a master and a home, which are perfectly natural ambitions for any dog. Comedy is always concerned with simple matters such as this." --Chuck Jones writing in his "Chuck Reducks, Drawing from the Fun Side of Life" 1996.

Charlie Dog Appears In:

  • Dog Gone South
  • A Hound for Trouble
  • Little Orphan Airedale
  • Awful Orphan
  • Often an Orphan