Washington post

"Chuck Jones is considered by many to be no less than a seminal figure in the development of the animated film."

-Alex Ward, Washington Post

time magazine

"He has made moviegoers laugh as often and as well as Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton. His work is among the best of American film comedy."

-Jay CocksTIME Magazine

newsweek magazine

"Chuck Jones is a worldly-wise child who knows animation downside up and outside in and can also do a perfect imitation of a cat swimming..."

-Joseph Morgenstern, Newsweek Magazine

"[With animation becoming a vital part of modern cinema] is Chuck Jones the real successor to Walt Disney? Many knowledgeable observers of the scene think so."

-Dr. Richard MacCann, Professor, University of Kansas in an introduction to an evening with Chuck Jones at the University in 1967

university of kansas

esquire magazine

"Since Jones never made topical jokes, his stuff remains, like all good fables and only the best art, both timeless and universal."

-Peter Bogdonavich, Film Director, writing in Esquire Magazine

Buffalo Evening News

"For more than a generation, Chuck Jones has been one of the most imaginative and accomplished film makers in the America..."

-Jeff Simon, Buffalo Evening News

"I may get an argument from people franticallly pointing at light bulbs, but yesterday I met the greatest inventor in the world, a man far greater than Edison--and funnier--Chuck Jones..."

-Herbert Lockwood, San Diego Daily Transcript

San Diego Daily Transcript