Ralph Phillips


Chuck Jones’ boyhood persona, Ralph is a grade-school day-dreamer whose exploits can be seen in the Academy-Award nominated From A to ZZZZ. He later starred in Boyhood Daze

"Ralph Phillips was named after the animator Jack Phillips. We knew Jack as "Japanese Ace" in World War II, because he wiped out five American aircraft single-handed while training. Jack was, to put it mildly, an inept pilot, but he looked so precisely like everybody's idea of the perfect all-American pilot--including the unnecessary white silk scarf wound rakishly around his neck--that none of the generals could ever believe he was not what he seemed, and they kept on promoting him.

"Audiences responded to Ralph--recognizing his desire to do somehting dramatic to impress his teacher--and to Maurice Noble's designs, which reinforce the films' realistic but dreamlike quality. If we took his name from Jack Phillips, Ralph took his character from Chuck Jones. I had no trouble writing dialogue or creating drawings for the Ralph Phillips cartoons, as Ralph is Chuck Jones as a child." --Chuck Jones, "Chuck Reducks" 1996

Ralph Phillips appears in:

  • From a to Z-z-z-z
  • Boyhood Daze