Work-In-Progress -- Audacity

The artwork keeps arriving in great floods of brown boxes or hand-delivered, or sent digitally, or by pelican just like a newborn baby. Well, the last may not be true, but the art we're receiving for this year's Red Dot Auction is, without exception, the most wonderful and dynamic group in Red Dot history.

For instance, _______ _______, has contributed this stunning figure study, something that would surely have pleased Chuck Jones who was the consummate figurative painter and draftsman. There's no denying that his classical training in not only media, but also the figure greatly influenced his animation art. A lesson for all.

Which artist will you discover at this year's Red Dot Auction? Registration and tickets at

Your participation, either as contributing artist or bidder at the silent and live auctions, help support the targeted programs of the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity. Our focus on providing critical thinking skills for school-age children, teenagers and young adults on the autism spectrum, and seniors who see the value in staying creative must continue.