Another Success with Palates and Palettes!


On Thursday, the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity hosted their second class of their painting and wine series, “Palates and Palettes.” This class was called “Sangria and Sceneries,” and the participants focused on paintings of landscapes.


When the guests arrived, they all relaxed and enjoyed some wine, cheese, and other bite-sized treats to go along with their painting lesson. They were each provided with a 16"x20" canvas, a palette, paintbrushes, and acrylic paints.


The teacher, Chris Scardino, began the class by showing the participants a few tips and pointers. He started with a photograph of a Laguna Beach cliffside, and showed everyone how to make the sunset and waves come alive.


Some people brought in photographs they had picked out themselves, and some chose from the photographs the center had handy. People painted sceneries from famous paintings like Van Goh’s Starry Night, or Monet’s Impression, Sunrise, and some altered photographs of boat docks or prairies, etc.  Each person was given an easy place to start, and got to use their own flair of creativity to make their painting their own.


By the end of the night, participants got to share their own glimpse of the world with fellow classmates, and take their own masterpiece home.