Chuck Jones Character of the Week: Sniffles


This week’s Chuck Jones character of the week is Chuck’s very first creation- Sniffles.  A mouse with a perpetual cold, Sniffles usually got out of tough situations by sheer luck.  Sniffles’ antics are first documented in Naughty but Mice, and 11 other films from 1939 through 1946.His large head, baby eyes and smile give him a very infant-like appearance along with his childlike personality.  His naivety added to the lovability of the character.  In his debut, Sniffles searched for a remedy to his cold, happening across an alcoholic cold medicine.  Intoxicated from the medicine, Sniffles got into plenty of comedic trouble, including a mishap with an electric razor and a hunting cat.

As Sniffles evolved, he showcased more than just the cute side of children, as he became quite the chatterbox.  In one of his later appearances, Sniffles foiled a robbery simply by annoying the perpetrator with his incessant talking.  Sniffles was an entertaining reminder of the simplicity of childhood in a complex world.  Eventually, Sniffles was phased out in favor of other characters such as Marvin the Martian and Wile E. Coyote, but he continues to live on in the memories of Chuck’s many fans.

Special Thanks to Larry Levine from for the nomination!