A Heartfelt Thank You from Us to You!


The Chuck Jones Center for Creativity wishes to thank the following artists for donating their creative talents and genius to this year's Red Dot Auction: Alex Beavin, Ando, Andrea Salisbury, Andre Pace, Anna Crovetti, Anna Vanover, Annette Lily, Astrid Van Snick, Barbara Bell, Ben Gomez, Ben Olson, Bob Elias, Boznia Pieniak, Brenda Salamone, Britty Page, Carol Erickson, Carolyn Le, Charles Landholm, Charles Leddy, Cheri Lynn Ong, Chuck Jones, Chuck Perkins, Colleen Finnell, Cory De Yonker, Craig Kausen, Dagny Kream, Dan Bowden, Dani Compton, Daniel Jaimes, Daniel Killen, Daryl Bowman, Dave Avanzino, David Amaya, Deborah Sleeper, Denise Dion-Scoyni, Dillon Markey, Doug Lothers, Eric Calande, Eric Goldberg, Eva Szilagyi, Fabio Napoleoni, Fernando Del Rosario, Fernando Samalot, Fran Lew, Gabrielle Guzy, Garrett McDonald, Gideon Garza, Guy Gilchrist, Hannah Kim, Hannah Scoyni, Hillary Miller, Ina Rosca, Jack Weiss, Jacob Sanchez, Jaimie Martin, Jane Ivy, Jay D, Jayne Yater, Jeff Krause, Jeff Sherwood, Jeff Sornig, Jennifer Sleeper, Jeremy Holden, Jerry "T-WACK" Talley, Jester McCool, Jhenne Tyler Beauford, Jimm Nawrocki, Jimmy Mulligan, Joel Santana, Joe Vickers, John Howitt, Joseph Cortez, June Valentine-Ruppe, Karen Kadatzke, Kathy Moncrief, Katy Price, Keith Hall, Kumiko Kawamoto, Kurt Steinmetz, Larissa Marantz, Laura Tanimoto, LeeAnna Yater, Leen Isabel, Linda Jones Clough, Madison Shafer, Mako Fufu, Margaret Spurlock, Marilyn English, Marti Lothers, Martin Tesch, Matthew Allen, Matthew Martinez, Michael Hicks, Michelle Chaffee Hill, Mike Bilz, Mike Kungl, Mike Kupka, Mike Sullivan, Nic Gregory, Ollie Nguyen, Oscar Ayotzintli, Pamela Meador, RA Szurgot, Rhiannon Beach, Rhonda Heintz, Robert Patrick, Robin Miller, Ron Ferdinand, Ryan Brown, Sarah Black, Scott Soeder, Seth Vander Linden, Sharon Gauthier, Steve Gamba, Steven Connolly, Stephen Reis, Terri Hardin, Tina Palmer, TJ Novy, Tom Matousek, Tommy Ewasko, Tommy Szurgot, Tony J Matos, Tracy Oshiro, Valerie Kausen, Vernon Williams, Ylenia Mino, and Zach Heffelfinger. This year's Red Dot Auction was sponsored in part by these awesome supporters: Smart & Final, Cindy and Wes Chalfant, Andy Edson, and an anonymous contributor.  

The Red Dot Auction would not be what it is without the support of its Council for Creativity, many thank yous to: John Gaydos, President, Doug Lothers, Lisa Bolen, Annette Lily, Camie Dean, Ylenia Mino, Stephen Russo, Karen Garza, and special thanks to past President and social media maven, Jane Saunders. 

A hearty thank you to the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity staff and Linda Jones Enterprises staff who assisted with the production and running of the Red Dot Auction: Denise Dion-Scoyni, Cyndi Burgess, Susan Palscik, Scott Ryder, Christina Stone, Audrey Ninomiya, Emily Schulz, Lisa Timmons, Stefani Amaya, Murray Kruger, Steve Amaya, Mike Dicken, and Scott Dicken.

The Center thanks its partners: 24 Carrots Catering and Events, Casa de Lago Events, SoCo and the OC Mix, and its neigbors, Uni Home and Greenleaf Chop Shop.  An extra special thank you to Music Vault Academy for providing such astounding vocal talent in Isabella Frangopol, Dominique Ilie, and Milla DeVilliers. 

A note of thanks to our friends at the Blackwing Foundation, Charles Berlozheimer and Grant Christensen and to singer/songwriter, Johnny Irion, for gracing our event with a special performance. 

And no thank you note would be complete without a gracious "thank you" to the Board of Directors of the Center: Craig Kausen, chairman, Linda Jones Clough, Alex Kausen, Jessica Kausen, Mike Smith, Ben Olson, Fernando del Rosario, and Andrew Turner. 

And finally, thank you to all of you who attended and participated, either in person, or through the internet, in this year's Red Dot Auction, by bidding and winning works of art donated by this group of amazingly talented artists. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support of the programs of the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity.

Chuck Jones Center for Creativity is a gymnasium for the creative brain.

We guide our students, both young and young of heart, through experiences that nurture the creative genius that exists in all of us. We connect both left and right sides of the brain in exercising creativity to solve problems, foster innovation, and build mental health.

We build important skills for school-age children, support healthy cognitive abilities for seniors, increase work performance in organizations who see the value of pumping up creativity in their ranks and enhance function for children on the autism spectrum.