From the Linda Jones Clough Archive: Mammoth Lake


Linda Jones Clough continues to sort through her archive of memorabilia and ephemera to share with us. In this photo, taken in 1941 at Mammoth Lake, we find Chuck Jones, standing far right back row, with members of his Unit A taking a holiday at California's Mammoth Lake. Back row from left: Ben Washam, Harry (last name unkown), Alta Harris (wife of Ken Harris), Beverly Monroe (wife of Phil Monroe) and Chuck Jones. Front row: Rudy Larriva, Phil Monroe, Katherine (last name unknown), and Edeline Washam (Ben's wife). This is a list of the cartoons released in 1941 from Chuck Jones's Unit A: "Elmer's Pet Rabbit", "Sniffles Bells the Cat", "Joe Glow, the Firefly", "Toy Trouble", "Porky's Ant", "Porky's Prize Pony", "Inki and the Lion", "Snowtime for Comedy", "Brave Little Bat", "Saddle Silly", and "Porky's Midnight Matinee".