A Response To "How to Draw Bugs Bunny"


After Marian Jones, Chuck's widow, read last week's newsletter about "How to Draw Bugs Bunny" it reminded her of something one of her grandsons had written when he was in school.


"This is an excerpt from a high school class project called "The Power of Words" that my now 29 year-old grandson wrote 13 years ago. Chuck dubbed himself "honorary Grandpa" instead of "step-Grandpa" to my three grandsons, They simply called him Grandpa and thought of him as such."


By Jason Bohrer:


"It was about half-way through a special dinner one night that I asked: 'Grandpa, how do you draw Bugs Bunny?' After thoughtfully munching on a slice of bread, he slowly turned to me, and I listened eagerly. 'Jason,' he said, 'I've always told people that the best way to draw Bugs is to start by drawing a carrot, then simply draw Bugs on the end of it!'


"My Grandpa is Chuck Jones, creator of Looney Tunes, and therefore guilty of creating Bugs Bunny. This quote represents him perfectly--a very wise and sharp-witted man. I was sitting there, ready to soak up every word; he totally shattered the way I thought with just that one line...


"I learned more from that statement than all I learned in both history and geometry last year. It really taught me to be more open-minded, to think differently. It showed me that if I open my mind I would see the world from more angles than I ever dreamed possible.


"Of course, when you see things from all angles you get to see the whole picture, and when you see the whole picture life works out a lot better. It also showed me that things aren't always as complex as they seem. Often times, things are very simple, but we try too hard... Sometimes the solution is right in front of our noses. And sometimes simple words can open our eyes."