"Use a Bigger Brush"-- A. Starr, Artist and Doctor of Neurology


"Chance favors the prepared mind," said Arnold Starr, artist and founder of UCI's neurology department, quoting Louis Pasteur. Last Friday, Craig Kausen, spent a few hours with A. Starr (that's how he signs his paintings) at his home in coastal south Orange County talking about many different topics including what is "it" that people are searching for?  "Their color" the response. As well as touching on the topics of creativity, arts education today, neurology, science, and discovery, We were fortunate to have video-taped the conversation and over the next few months hope to share snippets of that conversation with our readers. By the way, "use a bigger brush," was Starr's answer to "I don't paint often because I have to think too hard about it." Advice we're taking to heart. 

Photo by Stephen Russo.