What's Up, Doc? Craig Kausen at the Huntsville Museum of Art


Craig Kausen, chairman of the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity traveled to Huntsville, Alabama to deliver a talk to museum patrons on Thursday, November 17. The Huntsville Museum of Art is currently hosting the Smithsonian's touring exhibit, "What's Up, Doc? The Animated Art of Chuck Jones" (through January 22, 2017. It's fifth stop in its travels around the United States since the exhibit opened in New York City in July of 2014. In his presentation, titled "Chuck Jones: A Lifetime of Animated Creativity", Craig talked about the inspirations and influences that affected and contributed to the creative genius of Chuck Jones, including his early childhood, attendance at Chouinard Art Institute, his time at Warner Bros. Animation Studio, the recognition of his peers (receiviing multiple Academy Awards, including a Lifetime Achievement Award in 1996), and the legacy and influence he engendered and left behind after his passing in 2002.

Before his talk that evening, though, Craig met with Laura E. Smith, the museum's Director of Education and the museum's docents during the day to give them a first hand tour of the exhibit and to share his remembrances of his grandfather and the work he produced in his lifetime.  

Photos by Jeff White.