Which Artist's Work Will You Go Home with at the Red Dot Auction?


With just two days left before the Red Dot Auction, we wanted to share with you the stories of the artists who have donated art work (or in some cases, more than one) to this year’s Red Dot Auction. This fundraiser, now in its sixth year, benefits the programs of the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity. Today we feature artist Melissa Phillips. Melissa Mae Phillips (a.k.a., The Cheeky Whale) has been painting, illustrating and designing for nearly 20 years.  She currently lives in Utah with her husband and 2 children. She can be reached via her website wwww.thecheekywhale.com or on all social media: @thecheekywhale.

Will you go home with Melissa's donation to this year's Red Dot Auction? (It's beautiful, sweet, and funny BTW.)  Ticket’s available at ChuckJonesCenter.org/RedDot. Pre-bidding is now available at Heritage Auctions, click here to place your bids