Master Class--How to Draw the Grinch


On Monday, November 16, Chuck Jones Center for Creativity teaching artists, Denise Dion-Scoyni and Laura Black, headed up a series of "Master Art Classes" at Sowers Middle School in Huntington Beach. The Center worked with the HBCUSD to bring these programs to over 550 students that day, and more to come in the months ahead. The classes will be offered to all elementary and middle school students in the HBCUSD. It is no small task to lead classes that large and through seven periods, but the Center's teaching artists were assisted by our capable and talented program assistant, Olivia Otsuki, and all of the classes went smoothly. "I found Sowers to be a wonderful school: passionate teachers, receptive and respectful students and a terrific campus," said Denise. "The seven hours seemed to have passed in the blink of an eye. We saw great results and termendous satisfaction from students leaving with their Grinch compositions."

Laura Black spent time discussing career options in the arts with students as "tying lessons to career paths is part of the common core education focussed on by the HBCUSD and I found the students and teachers receptive and interested in careers in the arts as well as in animation."

The Chuck Jones Center for Creativity is thrilled to be able to bring the creative philosophies and genius of Chuck Jones to students and educators throughout Orange County -- and beyond. Call our Program Director, Sasha Advani, for more information about how to bring "Master Art Classes" offered by the Center to your school today at 949-660-7793 x 107 or by writing

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