corporate team-building

Building Teamwork Outside the Lines


Do you wonder how to get the most creativity out of your team? Today, organizations of all types need to be even more adaptable and innovative than before to be successful. But, leaders are often unsure of how to get their teams to deliver creative solutions to complex problems.Help your team look at problem solving as well as team building in fresh and highly creative ways. Inspire them to think differently. Take your team to new heights of performance. Experience an innovative approach to team building based on the unique philosophies of the legendary Chuck Jones, one of the most celebrated creative geniuses in contemporary times.

Research has shown that creative activities:

Improve communication, including active listening skills.

Build morale and reduce conflict.

Break down the barriers between functional silos.

Strengthen relationships and foster trust.

Increase creative thinking for solving problems.

Benefit the overall health of individuals.

Core Modules: Team Initiatives & Individual Innovation

INSPIRING INVENTIONS – Use everyday materials to illustrate a concept that is important to your team.

You’ll design and create your own invention inspired by Chuck Jones’ beloved Looney Tunes animation films. Each team will brainstorm, plan, design and build their invention for presentation to the group.

CANVAS COLLABORATIONS – Use fun and imaginative ways to create a team masterpiece on canvas.

You’ll collaborate as a team to create your own unique masterpiece using Chuck Jones’ characters including Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Wile E. Coyote – or even your own selected image. Each team will present their result and share what they learned about working with others.

ACME DRAWING PROGRAM – Discover your own inner Looney & have fun.

You’ll learn how to draw one of these iconic characters using pencils, color pencils or pastel paints. Anyone can do it!

CREATIVITY WORKSHOP – Learn to unleash your own creativity.

You’ll gain insights into application of the creative process to solving problems through an inspiring presentation by Craig Kausen – grandson of the legendary animation director & creator, Chuck Jones.

… And, we have many more creative tools up our sleeve! There is no limit to our imagination and we will work with you to customize a special program with a variety of exercises and activities based on the specific needs and situation of your group.

The final cost* will be based on selected activities, required staffing and necessary materials. Minimum of 10 participants must be guaranteed.

1 to 2 hours = $25 to $45 Per Person

3 to 4 hours = $55 to $95 Per Person

5 to 8 Hours = $125 to $175 Per Person


*Costs are subject to change without notice.