The 5th Annual Red Dot Auction: the Photos!


The 5th Annual Red Dot Auction was held on two nights this year. A private preview cocktail party for donors, friends, supporters, and artists was held Thursday evening, April 30. On May 1st, the Red Dot Auction was open to the public and what a great turnout both nights! There was a lot of interest in the amazing art donated by over 225 artists this year! Huzzah! Much flurried bidding took place, Red Dots were flying, cowbells were ringing, glasses were tinkling, raffle prizes were drawn, and one lucky soul was the winning bidder at the live auction of an afternoon with Disney artist extraordinair, Mike Peraza, at his home studio where he'll get to see Peraza's astounding collection of animation collectibles and have a private lesson on how to draw your favorite Chuck Jones cartoon character! Woo hoo!The question on everyone's lips, of course, was, "What artist's work will you go home with tonight?" By the end of the evening there were nearly two hundred answers! Thank you to the marvelous artists without whose generous donation of their time, talent, and creativity this event would not exist. And a special thank you to all of the Center's supporters, we appreciate you!

Photos courtesy Stephen Russo.