Blackwing Becomes Sponsor for Red Dot Auction VI


The Center is pleased to announce that the Blackwing Foundation will be a sponsor of this year's Red Dot Auction. Their contribution will help defray the costs of canvases and shipping. Blackwing is a long time friend and supporter of the programs of the Center. The pencil is a universal tool and symbol of the education community around the world.  The wood-cased pencil is, in fact, the world’s most ubiquitous tool for handwritten communication and perhaps even the process of learning as a whole. Forbes Magazine named the pencil the fourth most important tool in the history of mankind. It’s amazing just how the gift of a simple pencil or two can spark learning in students in many communities throughout the world. Given the importance of the pencil to education, the importance of education to the advancement of society and the importance of the pencil as the basis of our company’s existence, CalCedar devotes all our philanthropic efforts to the advancement of education and the exploration of the unique role the pencil plays as an enabler of learning, communication, creative expression, economic development and more.

CalCedar’s com website is not only a leading source of high-quality pencils, but also of educational content on the history, use of and manufacture of pencils.  Hundreds of thousands of teachers, students and enthusiast end users use every year. Learning resources including, “The Story of Pencils Lesson Plan Series” and numerous drawing and writing tutorials populate the website’s pages. The Studio 602 blog provides fresh and inspirational content that explores the many connections between pencils and learning, creative expression and entertainment.

CalCedar devotes a significant portion of revenues to selected organizations running worthy programs in education and the arts.  A full list of our partners can be seen here.

In 2012, CalCedar CEO Charles P. Berolzheimer III and his wife Ginger founded the Blackwing Foundation to further music and arts education at the K-12 level. Palomino proudly donates 2% of all Blackwing sales to the Blackwing Foundation at the end of each calendar year.

"Simpsons" Storyboard Artist Stephen Reis at the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity


Writing from Costa Mesa: This reporter was fortunate enough to witness "Simpsons" storyboard artist, Stephen Reis (center in photo below) in action this past Saturday, November 3rd, at the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity during their "Great, Grand Chuck Jones Family Happening!" With a sharp pencil in each hand (many thanks to for the gift of Chuck Jones's preferred drawing instrument, the Blackwing 602, which all of those in attendance were able to use), Reis wowed those lucky aspirants with his dexterity and command of character design.  Over a three-hour period, over 30 students of animation, both young and old alike, learned from one of the most creative storyboard and character design artists working in animation today. By the end of the session and because of his guidance and nurturing manner each student had produced a group of characters from "The Simpsons". Smiles all around!

Everyone at the Center extends a heartfelt thank you to Stephen and we look forward to his return in the future!

Draw the White Seal with Christopher Scardino


Christopher Scardino, the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity's resident teaching artist was filmed for's Studio 602 blog drawing the Chuck Jones character, Kotick, the White Seal. Read the article here (or click the above image) and view the video. A special shout-out to our friends at for their continued interest in the Center's programs!