Lead by *Egg*sample! Spring Fling at Chuck Jones Center for Creativity


On Sunday, April 5, South Coast Collection (SoCo) was the scene for a "Spring Fling" and the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity was in the thick of it! The project: decorate styrofoam eggs and created Bugs Bunny Plate Portraits. Hundreds of children and their adults swarmed the Center and spent many a fine minute decorating and enjoying themselves as these photos attest. The Center's resident teaching artist, Christopher Scardino had this to say about the afternoon, “The Egg Project went very well and the materials used were anything from markers and toothpicks, to foam paper and felt.

 “My eggsample was something that resonated with girls and boys. It was flowers, cut out of the foam paper, on toothpicks sticking out of the grass/garden colored egg sitting in a bed of green foam paper grass.  We had regular sized eggs and baby eggs, because we ran out of eggs (so many people), and toddlers to full fledged adults got creative.

 “The Bugs Portraits were overshadowed by the eggs, but several created them.  I had 2 different size plates, 1 for the top of BB's head, and the larger for the cheeks, different colors of paper for the ears and markers to draw.

 “One of the many things that stood out was a family that stayed for a while, at least an hour and a half, smiling and helping each other craft their eggs.  At the end the mother prompted her daughter to "tell him...." and she said, very quietly, "this is the most fun we've had for a long time".”

Stop by the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity the next time you're at SoCo and let your imagination explore!