The Palette and Palate of Tuscany


The Chuck Jones Center for Creativity and LCA Wine at the South Coast Collection are teaming up to offer a delightful and creative evening painting the rich color palette of Italy's' unspoiled and ancient landscape while sipping Tuscan wines and listening to Andrea Bocelli.Bring a friend and imagine yourselves there just as Michelangelo and Da Vinci once were.

Friday, April 28, from 6 to 9 PM | LCA Wine | 3315 Hyland Avenue | SoCo (South Coast Collection)

Space is limited, tickets available by clicking on this sentence. Or call for more details 949-660-7793.

Lil' Elves Gift-making Workshop


Monday, December 19Lil Elves Gift-Making Workshop

3 to 8:30 PM 

Drop Off & Dine available from 5:30 to 8:30

Enjoy a nice dinner out in SoCo while we keep your lil' Elves busy and creative making one-of-a-kind gifts.

Paint a mini-canvas

Create a keepsake by bending paper

Mold an ornament from clay

$10 per person per hour. For each additional sibling add $3 per hour. Grilled cheese kids meal from Iron Press can be purchased. Children must be 4+ years old. Two hour minimum. Parents agree to stay within SoCo or the OC Mix.

Each of the following restaurants at South Coast Collection are offering discounts or other specials for this Drop Off and Dine program. Coupons available when you check-in with your child. Shuck Oyster Bar, Pueblo, The Cheese Shop, Iron Press, Timakira, We Olive. (Special discounts good only night of 12/19/16.)

Chuck Jones Center for Creativity Hosts Community Projects This Sunday!


Ripple Kids, a nonprofit seeking to inspire and empower kids to take action in their communities is hosting a Project Fair this Sunday, October 19, from 12 PM to 3 PM at the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity, SoCo and the OC Mix. A Ripple Kid is a kid who has identified an issue and has taken action to resolve it. This event will feature 10 free service projects located at several retailers addressing a variety of causes from hunger to the environment. In addition, we will have several nonprofits there to let kids know about their cause and how they can get involved.


The Chuck Jones Center for Creativity will serve as a venue for two projects – Stop Hunger Now and Project Hope Alliance. Stop Hunger Now packages meals for kids in 3rd world countries using an assembly line formation that is very energetic and engaging for the participants.  During our last event in June, we packaged 15,000 meals for kids in Vietnam. For the Project Hope Alliance project, volunteers will be assembling art supply kits for kids in need serviced by PHA. 


Please join us in welcoming Ripple Kids to the Center and come on down to participate in these worthy causes! Sunday, October 19, from noon to 3 PM. The Chuck Jones Center for Creativity is located at 3321 Hyland Avenue, Suite A, Costa Mesa, CA 92626. Visit to RSVP or to volunteer!

Lead by *Egg*sample! Spring Fling at Chuck Jones Center for Creativity


On Sunday, April 5, South Coast Collection (SoCo) was the scene for a "Spring Fling" and the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity was in the thick of it! The project: decorate styrofoam eggs and created Bugs Bunny Plate Portraits. Hundreds of children and their adults swarmed the Center and spent many a fine minute decorating and enjoying themselves as these photos attest. The Center's resident teaching artist, Christopher Scardino had this to say about the afternoon, “The Egg Project went very well and the materials used were anything from markers and toothpicks, to foam paper and felt.

 “My eggsample was something that resonated with girls and boys. It was flowers, cut out of the foam paper, on toothpicks sticking out of the grass/garden colored egg sitting in a bed of green foam paper grass.  We had regular sized eggs and baby eggs, because we ran out of eggs (so many people), and toddlers to full fledged adults got creative.

 “The Bugs Portraits were overshadowed by the eggs, but several created them.  I had 2 different size plates, 1 for the top of BB's head, and the larger for the cheeks, different colors of paper for the ears and markers to draw.

 “One of the many things that stood out was a family that stayed for a while, at least an hour and a half, smiling and helping each other craft their eggs.  At the end the mother prompted her daughter to "tell him...." and she said, very quietly, "this is the most fun we've had for a long time".”

Stop by the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity the next time you're at SoCo and let your imagination explore!

Drop Off & Dine - 10/12/13


Join us for our next Drop Off and Dine! Saturday, October 12 at 5:30-8:30pm


Enjoy dinner without the kids, but have them nearby! "Drop Off" your children at the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity and "Dine" at one of the restaurants at SoCo or the The OC Mix. Your kids will participate in various creative activities with the inspiration of Chuck Jones's animation, film, and fine art.


-Ages 4+ (must be potty-trained)


-Introductory Prices: 1 Child=$30.00, 2 Children=$35.00, 3 Children=$40.00


-They have to be your children, no piggybacks allowed!


-Parents must stay within SoCo or The OC Mix premises


-Parent will sign-in & sign-out each child and provide a cell phone number


-Dinner for children can be purchased or bring it from home


-Must register 48 hours in advance. If the program doesn't meet the minimum required, you will be given a full refund.


-Minimum 3 registered families required, otherwise program will be rescheduled


-When registering, include your child or children's names and ages in the comment box upon check out. 



Chuck Jones Center for Creativity

3321 Hyland, Suite A

Costa Mesa, CA 92626




Questions: Sasha Advani (949) 660-7793 x107 or

12 Principles of Animation Workshop this Saturday, August 17!


12 Principles of Animation Workshop - Straight Ahead Action and Pose to Pose Animation


There are two different approaches to animating a scene. "Straight Ahead Action" means drawing out a scene frame by frame from start to finish. While "Pose to Pose" involves starting with drawing the key frames, and then filling in the inbetween drawings later.


John Ramirez, animator artist for Disney movies such as “Beauty and the Beast”, “Aladdin” and “The Lion King”. All classes will be held at the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity.


Register today! Click here.


Ages: Middle-school age and older

Date: Saturday, August 17, 2013

Time: 3:00-6:00 PM


Questions: or (949) 660-7793 x107

Art Unexpected: Discovering great "unexpected" photographs hiding right in front of your camera!


Art Unexpected: Discovering great "unexpected" photographs 

hiding right in front of your camera!


Instructor: Photographer Mick Victor “Art Unexpected”


About his abstract photography class Victor says, “ In the Art Unexpected class, we’re looking more closely at the everyday things around us and framing them with our camera so they might appear to be something else that’s strange, or beautiful, or scary, or fun.  The images are so terrific and surprisingly wonderful pieces of art that we never expected were there. In a frame on the wall they are AMAZING! ”



Day 1:

Cameras are provided by the instructor and handed out in the beginning of class.

Learn to use the camera, go discovering in a field shooting session and your new photographs will be reviewed immediately afterward with Mick Victor


Day 2:

See a big screen presentation of everyone’s best photographs and engage in an open, fun and informative discussion about “Art Unexpected” images captured!


Take home your digital images!

Check out your images on ArtWise!


Two Sessions Available!

Session 1: August 22-23, 2013 at 9:00-11:00am (each day)

Session 2: August 27-28, 2013 at 2:00-4:00pm (each day)


Register today! Click here




-Pre-registration required

-Minimum 5 students for a class, maximum 25 students

-Art Unexpected session is 2-consecutive days

-$60 per student

-Ages 7-12

-Cameras are provided by the instructor

-Each student should bring a minimum 500 Megabyte thumb drive

-Class held at the Center: 3321 Hyland, Suite A, Costa Mesa, CA 92626


Questions: Sasha Advani, (949) 660-7793 x107 or

12 Principles of Animation Workshop on July 20, 2013


The 12 Principles of Animation Workshops - Staging

This principle is similar to staging as it is know in the theatre and film. Its purpose is to direct the audience's attention, and make it clear. What is of greatest importance in a scene; what is happening, and what is about to happen. The presentation of any idea so that it is completely and unmistakably clear. Whether that idea is an action, a personality, an expression or a mood.


About the teacher

John Ramirez, animator artist for Disney movies such as “Beauty and the Beast”, “Aladdin” and “The Lion King”. All classes will be held at the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity.

To register, click here

Ages: Middle-school age and older

Date: Saturday, July 20, 2013

Time: 3:00-6:00 PM

Questions: or (949) 660-7793 x107

Drop In and Draw canceled for a special event on June 22, 2013

Sorry folks! Drop In and Draw has been canceled due to a special event.Check back with us next week!

Contact: or (949) 660-7793 x107

Join us for Drop In and Draw this Saturday, February 23!

Stop by the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity this Saturday, February 23 for Drop In and Draw! You can grab a pencil and sketch a loveable Chuck Jones character, like Wile E. Coyote or Pepe Le Pew. Not comfortable sketching your own Chuck Jones character? Then grab a "Color Me Creative, Volume 1" coloring book, created by our own Linda Jones, the daughter of Chuck. We've compiled some of Chuck's original sketches all in one book!Doug Lothers, our volunteer teaching artist, has a background with the “classic” animation style. He can help guide you with drawing one of Chuck’s loveable characters!

Rinette Heajin, our volunteer teaching aide, can assist you with learning how to draw. She’s been studying art for over 3 years at her school and private academies.

Drop In and Draw, Saturday, February 23 from 9:30a-12:30p

Chuck Jones Center for Creativity @ 3321 Hyland, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Questions? Contact (949) 660-7793 for general questions or Sasha Advani at x107

Artist Jorge Pacheco To Be Spotlighted at the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity on Saturday, February 16, 2013


Please welcome guest artist, Jorge Pacheco, to the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity on Saturday, February 16, 2013 from 10am-2pm. He's bringing over 26 years of experience as a cartoonist, comic book artist, caricaturist, and children's book illustrator to the Center.

Like comic books? Jorge's worked with DC Comics, Archie Comics and Marvel Comics.

Interested in illustrating children's books? Jorge's done it! Some of his illustrations include "Children In Motion" by Bettyjoe Cooper and "The Official Princess Rule Book" by Lisa name a few!

Thought of creating your own comic strip? Jorge's done it! Check out his syndicated comic strip "CEO Dad".


Come down to the Center and meet Jorge. He'll be ready with pencil and paper to sketch with you, show you a few tricks and guide you to find your own creativity!

About Jorge Pacheco

Jorge has been a professional Cartoonist/Illustrator the past 26 years and  a graduated of the Joe Kubert School of Comic Book  Arts. Mr. Pacheco has worked for almost every major comic book company, Dark Horse Comics, DC Comics, Tokyopop, and Zenescope Comics and was staff artist for Harvey Comics from 1990-1995. He has drawn many famous licensed characters, such as Casper the Friendly Ghost,The Flintstones, Bullwinkle and Rocky to name a few. He also worked for Jim ( Garfield) Davis and had his own syndicated strip CEO Dad. Mr. Pacheco has also illustrated 6 children's books. And was a guest speaker at the Charles Schulz museum and is very excited to be a part of the team at the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity! For more about Mr. Pacheco please check out his website

Questions? Contact Sasha Advani: or (949) 660-7793 x107

The OC Mix Family Fair

The OC Mart Mix is hosting their monthly Family Fair Day every 3rd Saturday of every month. The Chuck Jones Center for Creativity will be participating by hosting different "Creative Stations" to give you a feel of what the Center has to offer!

9:30a-3:00p, 3rd Saturday of Every Month

The OC Mart Mix....The home of the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity!

3321 Hyland

Costa Mesa, CA 92626


Learn the style of Chuck Jones' "classic" animation from Doug Lothers, Teaching Artist

Learn drawing techniques and style from Tommy "TNEZ" Martinez, Creative Director and Owner of Planet TNEZ

Artables with Gina Latora -- Children can create art with string, paper, glue, cotton or whatever else Gina can think of!

Learn basic techniques of pastels with Chris Scardino, our Resident Teaching Artist

...And as always, we'll have our Drop In and Draw supplies! Our volunteers will help you think of ways of how to be creative--and we'll provide the supplies!

Everyone is welcome! Stop by and see what the Center has to offer!

Donations accepted for materials used

Questions? Contact Sasha Advani (949) 660-7793 x20107 or