Chuck Jones's Letters to His Daughter, Linda: Wednesday, November 12

Wednesday, November 12?Post # 54

Dearest Linda:

I owe you more letters than I do apologies for not writing to you oftener.  The preceding sentence defies logic but it sounds logical.  As the mid-Victorian magician said to his wife as he sawed her in two, “I could not half thee, dear, so well loved I not Honoré best.  (Honoré was a popular ladies’ name in the nineties.)

Enclosed find one (1) explanation by John Burton of the theory and practise of 3-d for your Physics project.  Since it is fairly brief, though reasonably clear, I thought I had best check with Mr. Pickwick [Hollywood bookstore] for further information.  I found an excellent volume, though somewhat technical, which will be mailed today and should arrive not too much after this letter.  As I say, a lot of it is technical and can be skipped, but the introduction and the last part, I believe titled “The Human Element” look very interesting and inside the back cover is a sleeve containing a pair of 3-d glasses and a series of charts.  The chance of pulling this material into shape for an interesting article is very good I would think.  One thing to always stress, I think, is that it is manifestly impossible to attain 3-d without insuring separate viewpoints for the two eyes.  So far, spectacles seem the only possible answer.  All the other processes only simulate stereo: Cinemascope, Cinerama, Vistavision all are concerned with greater size and different dimension, but they are no more 3-d than a mural is.  They can force the eyes to move around by the very nature of their shape and size, but the truth is that a one-eyed person will see exactly what a two-eyed person will, and this is the significant difference.   In three-d we get binocular vision, or depth perception or whatever you want to call it. Anyway, I hope this will serve your needs and that your paper will be a huge success.  I love you.

The C-plus in Spanish is far from fatal and I am very, very pleased with the way your academic progress is going, but this is the big year and there is no question that you have the ability, the diligence and the desire to get top grades and to learn, too.  Whether they will be sufficient to get you into Stanford we do not know, there are other factors.  Doing top work does not always get top grades, we know that too; teachers are often very human, but I know that you are going to merit high grades this year because you will bend yourself to it and not as a drudge but because you can, because this is the time to do so and because, as Roger Bannister shows, the final drive is the supreme satisfaction and the supreme achievement.  This is the big year in your high school career and I am not asking what your report card will be, but I am asking truly and simply that you give your best.  And that is asking a great deal.

I can’t wait to see you behind the wheel of this beautiful Oldsmobile with your horse-tail flying and your pretty, proud head thrown back.  Wow!

So much for now..I know you want this material so I had best get it in the mail.

Shall I write to [your boyfriend] re grades?  Would it help?

I love you…

Chuck Jones's Letters to His Daughter, Linda #4

Friday, October 3, 1952Good morning, my darling!

We put the finishung touches on “Duck Dodgers in the 24 ½th Century”

yesterday, saw it complete with music, sound, color—the works, in

short.  It’s a parody on the “Space Cadet”, “Captain Video”, type

television show, but the funny thing is, it came out not only quite

funny, but exciting, too.  The backgrounds were beautiful and very 24 ½

th cen-tury-ish.  Try to say 24 ½ th century.  It’s very difficult, is

it “twenty-fourth and a half” or “twenty-four and a halfth”?

There’s a nice word in the first sentence up there:  “Fin-ishung”,

sounds like a Chinese fabric.  SPECIAL TODAY!!  GENUINE FINISHUNG,

Imported from Lontung, China!!  $2.34 a yard!!  Don’t be pitied by your

neighbors!  You, too, can be dressed in fashionable, easy-to-clean


My diet ends tomorrow.  I have lost ten and one half pounds and look

quite stylish.  [We are going to a] dinner party tomorrow night and I

presume the food will be quite fancy.  I hope I have the good sense to

take it easy as my stomach has become used to what are genially called

“bland” foods.  You know, Linda, I really haven’t minded it.  I’ve

gotten to appreciate the rabbit’s point of view: green vegetables are

really delicious, especially raw.

I hear the Le Conte [Jr. High School] bugle tootling away behind me

(I’m at the studio pretty early, hm?)  and all the activity of the

schoolyard pauses for a moment. I look out occasionally, surprised to

realize that none of you kids are still there.  From a distance the

children look pretty much alike.  I became aware, only while you

attended Le Conte [Junior High School], that they were not the same

children year after year.  It is quite conceivable that there are

children of children attending school this year.  It will be twenty

years next March that I have worked on this lot.  It is hard to think

of myself as sixteen, having worked here that long, it means I started

four years before I was born.

I wrote to [my sister] Dottie on her birthday, Sept. 27th, and got a

lovely letter back.  She sends her love and highest regards to you.  A

very, very fine person, mother, and sister.

I’m sending a myriad of kisses this morning because I have always wanted to use that word and because it means innumerable.

Love lOve loVe lovE LOVE! …….

s/Chuck (thy sire)