Girl Scout Programs at The Chuck Jones Center for Creativity in Costa Mesa, Ca


Check out our Girl Scout Programs for Junior and Cadettes! We can also host an Art Program for all age groups! 


All classes held at the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity, 3321 Hyland, Suite A, Costa Mesa, CA 92626. 


More information can be found at the websites listed within this email. Or or call (949) 660-7793 x20107. If you have 6 or more girls in a Troop (or combine Troops), we can schedule a weekday afterschool session. Please inquire within.


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For centuries, humans have been developing methods to create and bind paper in order to share ideas, knowledge, and inspirations with each other and with future generations.  The craft of creating books has evolved over time, but the basic human need to share words and pictures has stayed the same.  For this badge, you will try gluing, stitching, and folding your way to shaping your own book artistry style – you’ll create some spectacular gifts and keepsakes.


In this class you’ll:

-Explore the art of bookbinding

-Get familiar with the insides of a book

-Try out book artist techniques

-Focus on function

-Focus on style



Newspaper cartoons, comic books, graphic novels...comic art is a broad, exciting, and growing field. In this badge, you'll explore the world of visual story telling from career choices to drawing techniques!


Earn your Comic Artist badge in five simple and fun steps:

-Delve into the world of comics 

-Choice a story to tell 

-Draw it out 

-Frame it in four panels  

-Add the words  



When you pick up your pencil, anything could leap from your mind onto a sheet of paper. That’s what makes drawing so fun. In this class we’ll show you different techniques to make your drawings even better.


You will:

-Experiment with different materials

-Learn how to shade

-Put some perspective in your pictures

-Make a portfolio

Brownies and "The White Seal" Save the Ocean!


On Sunday, March 25th, one of the local Orange County Brownie troops, along with their parents and group coordinator, made the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity the place to be. As part of their troop assignment, the girls were learning about marine conservation and the Center's resident teaching artist, Christopher Scardino, used Chuck Jones's 1974 television special, "The White Seal" to guide them to a better understanding of the importance of taking care of our planet. The troop members also learned how to use watercolor effectively. A fun time was had by all!Contact us if you'd like to bring in a group for an art class.